The PRIME-RIDE Air Spring Concept



Our top priority has always been giving customers what they ask for. When the need arose in the 1950’s for a superior alternative to steel springs for a wide variety of vehicular applications, we responded.

About Us

Drawing from our unsurpassed rubber technology, we introduced rolling lobe and sleeve type air springs in 1957 for use on bus, truck, trailer and auto suspensions. Since then the benefits of air springs have become more apparent, and their usage continues to grow.

PRIME-RIDE air springs for trucks and trailers protect cargo, provide constant level hauling, and deliver long, trouble free service. PRIME-RIDE air springs give your vehicles a new high in productivity and long life. They offer a quiet, cushioned ride. Because there’s less vibration, truck, trailer and bus bodies last longer than with steel springs. The driver rides in greater comfort, becomes less fatigued and stays more alert. And cargo gets better protection from shock and vibration.

Steel springs, even new lightweight composite springs, have one major drawback. They must be designed stiff enough to carry the maximum load, or GVW of the vehicle. When a truck is deadheading or is only partially loaded, steel suspension systems are too stiff to allow the deflection necessary to prevent vibration and shock from being transmitted from the wheels to the frame.

That’ s not the case with air springs. The key is compensating spring rate. Air springs allow for a change in spring rate, or stiffness, to accommodate load changes.

A lightly loaded vehicle operates with lower air pressure in the springs, while a fully loaded vehicle operates with a high spring pressure. Changing from low to high pressure is done automatically through special height-sensing valves.

Little wonder that PRIME-RIDE air springs are found on vehicles as diverse as semi-tractors and trailers, city buses, light trucks, recreational vehicles, ambulances and passenger cars.

For driver comfort, load cushioning, and long life for your buses, trucks and trailers, specify PRIME-RIDE air springs.